Slaves and Slave-Owners 1760–1810

  • Deryck Scarr


MASCAREIGNEAN-BORN or born in France, identified familiarly in their transactions at law by nicknames like La Rejouissance, La Taille, Bellerose, La Tulippe, La Guerre which perhaps render slave-names like Zephyr Nord-East and Dame Telmire Chemise less alienating, the enduring white habitants kept notaries at work with transactions at several levels of business and of personal intimacy. Perhaps the record for marital haste was held by the widow of the 1760s Port Louis merchant Francois Gaiby who remarried two days after his ten page inventory was made up;1 and for a kind of propriety, by the Bourbon-descended habitant of Mahé more than two generations later who got a dispensation to marry his own aunt.


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