If Only …

  • Sandra Truscott
  • Brian Hill
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So you’ve made it to the last unit — congratulations! You have learned a lot of Spanish and should now be able to express yourself and understand Spanish in a range of situations. Unfortunately, you can’t stop here. It’s very easy to forget a language unless you maintain it. Here are some ways of making sure that you don’t forget what you’ve learned. If you don’t already have satellite television, why not invest in a system which can get Spanish stations? This doesn’t have to be more expensive than the usual systems — you just need your satellite to be pointing in the right direction. Next time you go to a Spanish-speaking country, check out the newspaper kiosks and find a magazine or newspaper that you could subscribe to. Try and meet Spanish speakers — either native speakers or students like yourself. Meet with them regularly and practise as much as you can. And of course, the more you can visit a Spanish-speaking country, the better. Good luck with your Spanish — and enjoy yourself! ¡Que te diviertas!


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