The Politics of Expertise in Latin America: Introduction

  • Miguel A. Centeno
  • Patricio Silva
Part of the Latin American Studies Series book series (LASS)


From the Rio Grande to Tierra del Fuego, technocrats are triumphant. Despite differences in the economic and political evolution of the Latin American countries during the last decades, they share one trend: an increasing number of economic and financial experts taking key positions at the highest levels of the decisionmaking process. Called by a variety of names ranging from técnicos, tecnócratas, techno-politicians to Chicago Boys or technopols, these new actors have come to dominate economic policymaking in a variety of countries since the 1960s.


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    We owe much of this analysis to the valuable summaries provided by Verónica Montecinos and Cristóbal Kay during the closing session of the conference.Google Scholar

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  • Miguel A. Centeno
  • Patricio Silva

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