Is there a Child Within?

  • Diana Gittins


In my early twenties, I thought of my childhood as having been essentially idyllic, although in some way that I did not fully understand, marred by my own ‘badness’. I was a peculiar, odd child, I told others. I made my parents’ lives hell by refusing to go to school, by teasing my sister, by generally not co-operating and conforming in myriad ways. In my late thirties (mid-life crisis!), I had to reconsider this child and her childhood when I went into therapy. I found an abused girl who felt horribly befrayed, abandoned, and was full of rage, pain and fear. I saw myself, at least for a while, as a total victim of sadistic and disturbed parents.


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    This idea is explored in more depth in J. J. Clarke’s (1992) In Search of Jung, which also has useful references to debates about Jung and postmodernist theory generally.Google Scholar
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    A good starting point for exploring Lacan is Ros Minsky’s (1992) essay in Knowing Women. It is clear, coherent and accessible. A more elaborate, but also quite accessible, analysis is in Elizabeth Grosz (1990).Google Scholar

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