Housing Development and Construction

  • John Doling


The aim of this chapter, as with the following five, is to explore in greater detail individual stages of the housing provision and consumption process described in Figure 3.1. In part this involves providing additional information about the significance of the stage and how it fits with the other stages. In the present chapter, where two stages are considered, the ways in which they mesh together at the same time as they can be seen to stand individually are explored. Following this, as with each of the remaining chapters, a number of broad issues are pursued. These include issues of: how governments could intervene in this stage of the housing provision process; how they actually do intervene, that is the inter-national variations; and what can be said by way of explanation for those variations. In other words, the intention is to reflect the approach of Chapters Three and Four, applying them not to whole housing policy systems as in Chapter Five, but to individual elements of the policy system.


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