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In those academic fields in Britain which focus on areas of state policy there has, over the last ten or more years, been growing interest in looking at what goes on in other countries. This growing interest can be gauged by the increase in the number of books and journal papers which deal with policy in one or more countries other than Britain, in the proliferation of international networks and conferences, and the growing number of university modules, and even programmes, which seek to explore cross-national comparisons. The present book is part of this wider development. Intended to be of interest to students, practitioners and policy makers, it deals with housing policy in industrialized countries. Its field of interest is concerned with the ways in which the governments of industrialized countries, particularly in the second half of the twentieth century, have taken an interest in their housing sectors. The objective, as frequently elsewhere, is to present information about similarities and differences in what governments have done, and to use that information to provide insights, especially into theory and policy.


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