Global Interdependence, MNE Strategy and Technology

  • Robert Pearce


Technology has always taken a central position in analysis and evaluation of multinational enterprises (MNEs). It is the key theme of the papers in this book that now the strategic repositioning of technology is a vital element in the evolving behaviour of these companies as they take a central position in the global competitive interdependencies of the late twentieth century. Increasingly MNEs know they must use their global environment creatively as the basis for the acquisition of knowledge and the innovation of new products, and not merely as an extension of the market in which they can apply nationally-derived technology and centrally-innovated products. Individual MNE subsidiaries increasingly take responsibility for discerning and accessing creative attributes of their local environment (e.g. market characteristics and trends, technological heritage and research capabilities). Where subsidiaries can develop such individualised local technical competences within their own scope they move from a state of dependence within the MNE to one where they assert their position in interdependent group-level programmes of knowledge-creation and product-development.


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