Globalization and Development Cooperation: A Reformer’s Agenda

  • Keith Griffin


Gerry Helleiner’s extensive writings on international economic cooperation possess many virtues: generosity of spirit, clarity of thought and exposition, a global perspective and a willingness to challenge the status quo. These virtues are much needed today as the world enters a new era and confronts problems which have long been relatively neglected. Prominent among neglected issues is the framework for development cooperation.’ The original framework was established in the aftermath of the Second World War and grew to its present size and shape during the decades of the Cold War. The time has come to reconsider the entire structure and perhaps to revamp it.


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    This essay has its origin in research done with Terry McKinley for the United Nations Development Programme. The original report — Keith Griffin and Terry McKinley, A New Framework for Development Cooperation, processed pp. 119, September 1993 — was a background document used in the preparation of the UNDP, Human Development Report 1994. A slightly revised version of the lengthy original report will also be published by UNDP in its Occasional Papers series. This essay is a condensed version of parts of the original report. I am grateful to Mahbub ul Haq of UNDP for permission to use the original material in this way. And I am grateful to Terry McKinley and Azizur Rahman Khan for collaborating with me over a number of years on topics closely related to the subject of this essay.Google Scholar
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