Death Camp: Feminism vs Queer Theory

  • Mandy Merck


‘There is feminism and there is fucking.’ With this provocative parallelism, Lynne Segal moves to the conclusion of her study of Straight Sex, a practice which she has spent no less than 318 pages defending (Segal, 1994). Why, I catch myself wearily wondering, should this still be necessary, eleven years after Vance’s Pleasure and Danger (1984), twelve since Cora Kaplan’s ruminations on ‘pleasure/sexuality/feminism’ in her influential essay ‘Wild Nights’ (1986), and how long since every feminist text not titled Breaking the Silence seemed to be called Female Desire? This is yet to mention the even more venerable works of those who now describe themselves as our senior feminists, including the declarations of at least one — circa 1970 — in favour of group sex, cunt power and the elimination of the patriarchal state via ‘the reconquest by women of their own sexuality’.


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