The Politics of Problem-Solving in Postwar Democracies: Institutionalising Conflict and Consensus in Western Europe

  • Hans Keman


This book is an attempt to assess the usefulness of analysing the interaction between political and societal actors within the institutional arrangements that characterise West European democracies. In particular, we have set out to investigate the interactions between these actors and parliamentary democratic institutions and their combined impact on policy formation and related performance. More specifically, this book aims at explaining the relationships within politics of policy-making under the socially adversarial circumstances and volatile economic conditions that have occurred across Western Europe since the Second World War (Urwin, 1989, Chapters 12 and 16). In fact, one may wonder how it has been possible to reconstruct democracy in this era in such a fashion that most West European countries appeared to have developed into relatively stable and effective polities under political and economic circumstances where one would not have expected it. In other words: how does one account for apparent consensus in a situation where the seeds of conflict are expected to prevail?


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