Russia and Germany — from Enemy to Partner? A Contradictory Relationship

  • Vitaly Zhurkin


To understand the relationship between Germany and Russia, it must be understood that each power functions simultaneously at several levels (or incarnations) on the international scene. Germany is not only a mighty economic and political Western power but the strongest member of the EU and a formidable participant in the Atlantic community as well. Harmonization of these incarnations of modern Germany is not an easy task in itself. It takes a serious national effort to integrate the ambivalences of purely German national interests and Germany’s European and Atlantic identities. Russia’s role and fate is even more complicated and multifaceted. It is still a great power with particular interests and plays a rather ambivalent role in the CIS which is a weak and heterogeneous conglomeration. It tries to play a genuine role as one of the actors on the European scene. But above all, its actions and position are defined and formed by the acute economic and political crisis, uncertainties about Russia’s future, domestic developments and events within the Russian federation.


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