Sovnarkom and Politics 1931–36

  • Derek Watson
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At the ‘First All-Union Conference of Socialist Industry’, which met from 30 January to 4 February 1931, the priorities for Molotov’s restructured Sovnarkom were made clear. Both Molotov and Ordzhonikidze stressed the importance of VSNKh in industrial administration and Molotov drew attention to the importance of transport, Narkom Vod Trans having been created a few days before. He told his audience that they should talk less and do more, that fewer decrees should be issued and that these needed to be carried out and not remain on paper.1 He concluded by saying:

We are carrying out a massive reorganisation in the economic area and in this we are giving special significance to strengthening our leading economic organs. The division of the commissariats of NarkomPut’ and NarkomTorg, the splitting of the trade unions into smaller units, the strengthening of all the basic economic commissariats especially VSNKh and Gosplan — all this has but one aim, to support our work in the task of socialist construction in this new stage. And now we see that our economic organs, VSNKh and others, can go confidently forward to fulfil the mightiest and most complicated economic tasks.2


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6 Sovnarkom and Politics 1931–1936

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