Catalanism under the Primo de Rivera Dictatorship



The Lliga Regionalista as a party did not take part in the conspiracy which paved the way for the 1923 coup, but Puig i Cadafalch had given credit to the pro-Regionalist intentions of Primo de Rivera. A few days after the Military Directorate was set up in Madrid, with Martinez Anido as Subsecretary — and later Minister — of the Interior, decrees were promulgated prohibiting the public use of the Catalan language and the exhibition of the Catalan flag in public corporations, dissolving all municipal councils, and closing down the CADCI and one hundred and forty-nine more nationalist organizations. All this came as a hard blow to the authority of the governing party of the Mancomunitat. Repression fell earlier and harder on Catalanism than on the CNT, which was not banned until May 1924. Even an innocuous Catholic regionalist youth movement like the Pomells de Joventut (Garlands of Youth) was banned. The APEC (Association for the Protection of the Teaching of Catalan) which provided free Catalan classes and subsidized text books in the language was also proscribed. The representativeness of the Lliga Regionalista was in crisis, since the Catalan industrial bourgeoisie continued to support the Dictatorship, despite its persecution of the most fundamental symbols of Catalan identity.


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