The Politics of Mutual Attraction? UK Local Authorities and the Europeanisation of Environmental Policy

  • Stephen Ward


In the UK, local govern ent has traditionally had a strong role in implementing environmental policy and over the course of the last decade it has been one of the most active governmental institutions in pursuing progressive environmental policies (Ward, 1993). At the same time the increasing significance of the EC/EU in the environmental policy field, particularly since the Single European Act (SEA), has considerable implications for the subnational sector. It has been argued that the EC has acted in the past as a centralising force in environmental policy relations, indirectly reducing some of local authorities’ statutory environmental responsibilities (Haigh, 1986: 205). Yet it is possible in recent years to detect the beginnings of a relationship between the EC/EU and local government in the environmental sector, which some local government actors claim presents authorities with potential opportunities to develop a stronger environmental role.


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