Intriguing Prospects for Research on Chinese Rural Problems

  • Runsheng Du
  • Thomas R. Gottschang
Part of the Studies on the Chinese Economy book series (STCE)


We all want to vigorously improve the conditions of the 800 million farmers, help them become prosperous and explore a route for rural development in China. I hope that from now on you will devote yourselves to the study of rural development problems. The study of rural problems is very worthwhile and its prospects are intriguing. We should make use of advanced research methods, make a systematic study of the countryside, employ comprehensive multidisciplinary research, put together ‘hybrid’ multidisciplinary projects and thus combine the work of different groups into a single research programme.


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  • Runsheng Du
  • Thomas R. Gottschang
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  1. 1.Department of EconomicsCollege of the Holy CrossWorcesterUSA

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