Sanyo’s Overseas Production Activities: Seven Large Plants in the US, Mexico, the UK, Germany, Spain and China

  • Tetsuo Abo


Together with Matsushita Electric Industrial, Sanyo Electric Co. is the most internationalised typical manufacturing multinational enterprise (MNE) in Japan. Sanyo has a certain ‘reluctance’ to pursue overseas production, a factor which has been emphasised as the most significant feature of Japanese MNEs, and has not adhered as strongly to the conventional idea, like many other Japanese manufacturers, of diversifying its world wide production facilities. However, it is surprisingly flexible in setting up its overseas manufacturing subsidiaries and branches, in terms of timing, place, product and scale. In short, it is an exceptionally localisation-oriented MNE among Japanese manufacturing firms, and, as a consequence, has established a large variety of local plants from region to region.


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