Environmental Problems in Central and Eastern Europe: The Possible Role of International Policy and Market-Oriented Instruments

  • Jaroslav Stoklasa
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The political changes in Central and Eastern Europe in the last few years have not only provided for the future democratic development of these countries, they have also increased economic, political, social and environmental problems. The environmental problems are connected not only with heavy industry, but also with many years of unscrupulous exploitation of natural resources. The result has been severe damage to the stability of ecosystems and the landscape, a worsening of the health of the population and a shortening of its life expectancy. The environmental situation in those countries has also — because of the crossnational transportation of air- and water-borne pollution — had an impact on other European countries and on the global ecological balance. As the Central and Eastern European countries are not able to solve these problems without international cooperation and help, it is necessary to discuss possible solutions at international political, scientific, economic and environmental meetings.


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