A Child Perspective

  • Christine Stones
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Wordsworth’s assertion, ‘the child is father of the man,’ is an often-quoted insight into the powerful formative influence of childhood. Psychological theories provide an understanding of some of the processes through which the experiences of childhood, interacting with the child’s innate potential, can affect the individual throughout their life. The development of young humans from birth results in them being dependent on adults for a considerable length of time. Yet, in spite of knowledge about children’s needs, society’s attitude to children appears ambiguous. There is a United Nations’ Charter asserting the basic rights of children, but throughout the world children continue to be exploited. In Britain various legislation, most recently the Children Act 1989, propagates the rights of children and indicates the responsibilities of parents and of public authorities. Yet there is also a public neglect of children’s needs. Examples of this are the numbers of children in bed-and-breakfast accommodation; the problem of access to public buildings and public transport for prams and ‘buggies’; and the lack of any comprehensive provision of playgroups or nursery places.


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