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The Monk and the Maenad: Science, Dialectics and the Video Apparatus

  • Sean Cubitt
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There comes a time in which discourse makes itself felt in history, in the real. We live in such a time, when the regimes of power touched on in the previous chapter, and others like them dedicated to the pursuit of truth, begin to enforce their discursive presence (the word is deliberately chosen) on the web and the weft of the world. If a single discourse has become hegemonic in the 1980s, it is the discourse of management. As that discourse is beginning to feel its way into its new found supremacy, it is entrenching itself, not just among people and their institutions, but in the very machines through which it will make its wishes known. Few texts have made this so apparent in the last few years as the special issue of Scientific American, volume 265, number 3, September 1991, entitled Communications, Computers and Networks: How to Work, Play and Thrive in Cyberspace. How influential this publication may be, or how symptomatic I know not. But it sold out in my home town within days of arriving, an unusual occurrence in Liverpool.


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