Sartre and Radio Broadcasting

  • Michael Scriven


The preceding account of Sartre’s relations with the French press illustrates the comprehensiveness of his involvement in this particular medium between 1945 and 1980. The key phases in Sartre’s intellectual and political itinerary are recorded, albeit in strikingly different styles and with varying degrees of ideological emphasis, in the full range of press publications throughout the post-war period. This comprehensiveness and public visibility applies neither to Sartre’s involvement in radio broadcasting, nor, and more especially, to his appearances on the television screen. Although it is doubtless important to draw attention to the thirty-two state radio broadcasts in which Sartre was involved between 1949 and 1979,1 it is necessary at the same time to stress that his radio interventions are slight compared to his press publications, and also that the majority of the radio broadcasts are centred principally on matters arising from Sartre’s literary and philosophical writings, and are therefore only of peripheral concern to this analysis focused primarily on the interaction between politics and the media.


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