Cultural Transformations

  • Jatinder Verma


Any reading of contemporary British theatre cannot be dissociated from the social transformations wrought by large-scale ‘non-European’ migrations since the 1950s. A product of the need for cheap labour by British industries engaged in post-War re-construction, migrations from the former British colonies of the Caribbean, Eastern Africa and the Indian sub-continent have fundamentally changed the image of many British cities and towns. Inevitably, the introduction of such diverse populations — diverse by virtue of colour of skin, of language, of dress, of food, of religion, of value systems — has unleashed tensions in contemporary British society. Each passing decade since the 1950s has witnessed varying negotiations, as the ‘natives’ have sought to adjust to the presence of ‘foreigners’ in their midst, and the latter have sought to possess their adopted country as a new home-land.


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