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In August 1874, Tennyson set out for the Pyrenees once more. The whole family spent a week in Paris, before leaving Lionel and Emily in Tours. It was thought that travel would benefit Emily’s poor health, and Lionel had instructions from his father to read George Sand’s Consuelo aloud to her. Meanwhile, the others went on into the mountains. Tennyson, entranced by the vision of the Pic du Midi d’Ossau, declared it more Homeric than anything in the Alps. Now 65, he was delighted when their guide complimented him on his energy, and climbed up the Cirque de Gavarnie before first light to sketch the sunrise. The climax of the holiday came with the now familiar walks to Cauterets and Pont d’Espagne, where Tennyson quoted favourite lines from Byron and Shelley.


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