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Sir Austin Robinson is the last of the Cambridge economists of prewar days and by no means the least in the part he has played in the development of the subject. He was a close associate of Keynes, helping him with the editing of the Economic Journal before becoming joint editor with Roy Harrod in 1944, a post he held for 26 years. He took a prominent part in the affairs of the University from the planning of the old Marshall Library to the establishment of the Department of Applied Economics and the development of the site on Sidgwick Avenue: it is not without cause that his name is attached to the Austin Robinson building on that site. He had a hand in the postwar period in the creation and operation of several key institutions, helping to launch the International Economic Association as its Treasurer (and, in effect, Secretary-General) from 1950 to 1959; taking part in the setting up of the Overseas Development Institute and serving since its foundation on its Executive Committee; acting as chairman of the National Institute for Economic and Social Research from 1949 to 1962.


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