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The Imam in Mecca, 1924–28

  • Leslie McLoughlin
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In telling the story of Ibn Saud we can remain a while longer in the company of Amin Rihani, since he had the priceless opportunity to observe and talk with Ibn Saud over a six-week period after the Ujair conference. He travelled in the Sultan’s retinue riding across the desert to Riyadh, observing and making notes. What makes the observations of Rihani worthy of remark is that he resisted the temptation to be carried away by unadulterated admiration. To him Ibn Saud was a truly great man, who would have been, had he been born in Europe, a monarch of great historical stature, but he can at the same time note that Ibn Saud was capable of being a bore when he allowed his words to carry him away.1


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