The Encounter of Theocentrism with Psychocentrism

  • Jaroslav Krejčí


The encounters of different paradigms in areas of contact between various civilizations were often characterized by the inclination to see the human predicament entangled in a complex tissue of enigmas. This propensity varied with respect both to historical time and to geographical space. It happened to be particularly strong at the beginning of our era when this kind of attitude coincided with a wave of intense religiosity that affected all areas of civilization in the Old World. This epoch witnessed the rise of the great proselytizing religions: the birth of Christianity, of Mahayana Buddhism, of popular Daoism, and the rebirth of Zoroastrianism. The above mentioned mental approach which tended to view the human predicament as an enigma, understandable only by deep personal insight, is known as gnosis. Literally, gnosis means knowledge, but with respect to the use of the term for a particular type of reasoning in a particular epoch, it is a label for a broad stream of more or less allegorical and symbolic mysticism common to various religious traditions.19


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