The Role of Policy in Dutch Coalition Building, 1946–81

  • Pieter Tops
  • Karl Dittrich


By far the most striking feature of the politics of coalition in the Netherlands is the permanent presence of one party in government. After 1945, not a single government has been formed without the Catholic People’s party (KVP) or its successor, the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA). The confessional parties have provided an element of continuity in Dutch politics. However, they have, after 1945, never opted for a cabinet consisting solely of confessional ministers. They have formed coalition cabinets with either the Social Democratic Party (PvdA) or the Conservative-Liberals (VVD). Only once, in 1948, was there a cabinet consisting of the KVP and both the PvdA and the VVD.


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  • Karl Dittrich

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