The Development of a Science Fiction Writer

  • James Blish
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In The Shape of Future Things, Brian W. Aldiss notes that his future was largely shaped by the discovery of magazine science fiction at the age of thirteen. The same thing happened to me, when I was nine, and I can even place the date: June, 1931. And it seems to me that the half of the Twentieth Century that I have seen, fifty years plucked out of the middle of it, has been science-fictional from first to last, for non-readers as well as for me. There have been very few exterior events, even including some political ones, which cannot be found earlier in the pages of some sf story. My sense of wonder seems to lie pretty near the surface, for it is capable of being turned on by almost anything; but one of the chief marvels of my existence has been the feeling that for me, events did not so much happen as come true.


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