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  • Pili Batley Matías
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Business Breakthrough Spanish is the ideal course for business people who have little or no previous knowledge of Spanish. Here are some of its main features:
  • The key recordings have been made on location with Spanish companies. All the units start with conversations and interviews with Spanish people employed in a range of jobs.

  • The language and the situations are authentic — you are taken from boardrooms to the factory floor, from commercial exhibitions to insurance and financial matters.

  • Business people have lives outside their jobs and care is taken to provide training in the language which will help you to survive in hotels, restaurants and when travelling in Spain and Spanish-speaking Latin America.

  • The main emphasis throughout is on listening, speaking and reading; the skills you will find most useful in your dealings with the Spanish and Latin American business world.

  • Before producing the course, we talked to hundreds of people about how they learn languages. The result is that great care has been taken with the Business Breakthrough series to ensure that you get enough opportunities to practise the language. We have included in each unit a variety of activities that get you involved in using the Spanish that has been introduced to you in the authentic dialogues.

  • This is not a grammar course. You first understand and then you use the language; only then are the main grammar features introduced to explain how the language works.

  • Included in each unit is up-to-date information to ensure you are familiar with key features of the Spanish business scene.


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