Notebook Entries on an Interview with Trotsky

  • Eric Homberger
  • John Biggart


Russia to be redistricted. Old Tsarist gubernia & oblast now still remain. New districts according to economic units. An industrial center with the villages around it (for labor, food, exchange. Effort to make peasant workers out of all)[.] Compulsory labor — Compulsory labor training. Compulsory military service — Compulsory military training. These cadres to be econ as well as mil units. To mobilize pop. for work as well as for training. Permanent divisions constantly renewed. Sent back to their provinces while other fresh take their place. Each a few months, these cadres also renewed constantly!;] men called to colors for training two or three months in the year, then sent back to work. Elite of the working class to pass through military — officers schools situated in each district. Probably combined with military, economic & cultural & leadership schools. Candidates will ultimately be elected. Now, in the hurry of necessity, the best and most popular & most influential among workers are picked.


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