Where Are the Jobs?

  • Andy Beharrell
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Changes in the pattern of jobs are not immediately obvious. Try, though, to think about how the pattern of jobs has changed in your area. Are the old industrial sites still used, or is industry based in modern, smoked glass out-of-town industrial estates? How are the goods and services you buy different to those available ten years ago? How have the shops on the high street changed? Although you may not be able to remember, or may not even have noticed any changes, they have taken place. The changes have been slow and subtle, but nevertheless significant. With increasing prosperity and awareness social attitudes have changed, and the pattern of industry has developed to cater for people’s changing needs. Ten years ago, for example, you would not have found half the number of banks, building societies, financial advice consultancies and estate agents on our high streets. Now, though, you have to look hard to find the shops selling goods. This is just one area in which the pattern of work has changed and we will consider this question along with many others in this chapter. But let us first consider who is actually now doing the work.


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