After an initial fascination with Althusser and his claim made in the 1960s that Marx’s Capital was the founding work of a new science, the trend amongst many marxists (and especially ex-Althusserians) has been to do an about-face and march as rapidly as possible away from this claim, usually with the intention of saving marxism from economism.1 The efforts to exorcise the devilish economism from possession of the body of marxism have been many and diverse. Some of them have been constructive, improving the analytic powers of marxist theory, while others have pursued the exorcism with such single-mindedness that they discovered little left of marxist theory once all the economism was purged. “Economism” has become such a reviled word and the reaction against it has been carried to such absurd lengths, that I am inclined to say, with some trepidation, that a little economism may not be a bad thing.


Capital Accumulation Historical Analysis Capitalist Society Domestic Labour Capitalist Development 
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