Assignment Thirteen: Alessandra Trading Company

  • Donald C. McFetridge
Part of the Macmillan Modern Office Series book series (MMOS)


promoted to become the Principal Personal Assistant of Ms Alessandra Carlatto – the renowed Spanish entrepreneur with the scissor-sharp tongue and the wit and charm to match a very fiery character. Initially you were terrified of her, principally because of the volatile nature of her relationship with her then partner Simone Lynne who was really a very ineffective member of the company. Simone simply wanted ALL of the privileges and NONE of the responsibilities, of which there are many, of running the Alessandra Trading Company. Therefore – she simply had to go. Alessandra bought her out after a very turbulent meeting with Simone and her legal advisers. Nevertheless, since Simone’s departure, Alessandra has never looked back, mainly because it is against her Spanish nature and secondly because she is, essentially, a very good and shrewd businesswoman.


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