Armed Resistance in the North-eastern Provinces of the Polish Republic, 1939–41

  • Tomasz Strzembosz
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The issue of Polish armed resistance operations in the territories occupied by the USSR in 1939–41 is just part of the much wider subject of armed resistance in general during and after September 1939. Although they occurred throughout the prewar Republic, our knowledge of them is superficial. Only one unit, commanded by Major Henryk Dobrzański (‘Hubal’), who has been popularised by a number of books and by a feature film, can be said to have claimed a permanent place in Polish historical awareness. Although the wider aspect cannot be ignored, first we must:
  1. 1)

    define the terms ‘partisan’ and ‘partisan struggle’;

  2. 2)

    explain what the September and post-September partisan movements were — how they differed and what they had in common.



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