Political Activity in the School

  • James Muckle


Readers from societies which are more politically apathetic than the Soviet Union may imagine that political aspects of the work of a school there are merely a matter of form. Perhaps, this misconception runs, the teachers ignore the obligatory ideological content of lessons, the pupils become immune to those parts of their textbooks and their lessons which convey a political message. Maybe assent to certain tenets of Communism becomes automatic, even unconscious. Opponents of Communism may even hope that the teaching of its doctrines could be counter-productive. After all, it is well known that the compulsory courses in Marxism-Leninism and history of the Party are unpopular in higher education and that students often attend without paying attention.1 The act of Christian worship in British schools has, similarly, been cited as an example of unwise compulsion which, it is argued, has done no good to religion.


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