Egypt’s Intervention in Yemen (1963–1964)

  • Alan James
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In September 1962 the traditional royalist regime in Yemen was overturned by republicans, but incompletely so. A civil war thereupon developed, which had threatening international links. For neighbouring Saudi Arabia was a source of both official and unofficial support for the royalists, whereas Egypt (then officially known as the United Arab Republic, UAR) immediately extended both diplomatic and military succour to the republicans. This involvement of the leading conservative and progressive states in the Arab world could conceivably have had even wider repercussions, as Saudi Arabia and Egypt were closely connected to the United States and the Soviet Union respectively. However, the United States, besides wanting to restore stability in this oil-rich part of the world, was at this time anxious to build up her standing in the eyes of the non-monarchical Arab regimes. She therefore bent her efforts in the direction of a dampening of the conflict at this troublesome Arab crossroads. The UN Secretary-General was also working towards that goal.


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