The Coming of the Liberation — Consuelo

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After we had escaped from the camp through the river we made our way to the station at Aspres and it was already getting light when we reached it. We climbed into the last wagon of a very long goods train without knowing if it was going to take us in the direction we wanted to go, but we were in luck because it headed for Gap. We got off all right without being seen and from there we followed the directions we had received from the woman. We had to get a lift with the lorry driver who went up to the Bayard Pass to collect milk from the farms. My mother went in the cab in front with the baby while I climbed up on the back where there were milk-churns and already seven or eight other people who were going to try and buy food from the peasants because there was nothing left in the towns. It was bitterly cold as we went up into the Alps and it was difficult to hold on in the bends because the churns were moving about.


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