The Challenge of the Super-normal

  • T. C. Williams


In returning to the central discussion, there may be a reminder that the entire argument of Chapters 6, 7 and 8 has had as its primary objective the establishment of a single, minimal, conclusion. That is, that the evidence for the super/para-normal, in the sense under consideration, is of so cumulatively strong a nature as to completely pre-empt any claim to rejection, and no matter how vociferously asserted, on the popular presupposition of so-called ‘scientific impossibility’. The end is one which has been more than met through the pursuit, most particularly, of three main points, each having a significance of its own though collectively relating to the sphere of, what may be characterized as, the psychical. First, the circumstances surrounding the eventual and triumphal validation of the profoundly provocative, if, currently, virtually ignored, phenomenon of hypnotism. Secondly, the strength of the case for the, nowadays, widely accepted, if still highly contentious, idea of telepathy. Thirdly, the stark indubitability of the challenge of contemporary testimony to the reality of the highly publicized effect known as metal-bending. To this extent, therefore — and as being all that is necessary for the chief purpose — enough has been said for the firm establishment of the (evidential) legitimacy/ reasonableness of regarding the super/para-normal, nebulous though it may be in its connotation, as a mode of the real.


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