The Economic Role Model for Science and Technology: Generation, Transfer and Use

  • Peter L. M. Heydemann


Today more than ever before, the material well-being, security and health of a population depend on the skilful development and use of technology within its national economy. This technology is often not very sophisticated. Only about 10 per cent of industrial production in the USA can be considered ‘high technology’, i.e. sophisticated technology based on recent scientific advances. The technology must be appropriate for the purpose of making products and providing services. Without sources of appropriate technology and means to incorporate this technology into marketable products and processes the national economy loses competitiveness in international markets. This is an extremely serious problem with wide-ranging consequences. There are many causes for a country’s inability to develop and use technology. But before we can study these causes and potential countermeasures in detail, we need to develop a concept of the interaction between science and technology, and the industrial activities. This concept will serve as a tool for more detailed examination of technology generation, transfer, and commercialisation processes.


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