The Theology of Separate Equality: A Critical Outline of the DRC’s Position on Apartheid

  • Johann Kinghorn


In assessing the role of Christianity in Southern Africa, the DRC (as I shall call the Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk), undoubtedly merits special attention for its part in the religious expression of the apartheid world-view. Being by far the most popular church among Afrikaners (and in fact among all whites), it was inevitable that attempts to give religious expression to the apartheid world-view would manifest themself primarily within the DRC. Enough has already been written on the popular religious expression of apartheid. In this chapter we shall therefore concentrate on the theology of apartheid according to the official self-understanding of the church. We shall start with an interpretative historical outline of the growth of the theology of apartheid, followed by a description of the anatomy of this theology and conclude with some evaluative remarks.


Human Dignity Separate Equality Separate Development Religious Expression Mixed Marriage 
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