Acoustic Communications

  • Rodney F. W. Coates
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The literature surrounding the subject of underwater acoustic communications is, in some respects, surprisingly scant. This is particularly the case if one concentrates only upon that material directly concerned with actual underwater communication systems as opposed to more general aspects of propagation and channel modelling. The major difficulties with which the communication engineer is concerned, when attempting to design underwater acoustic communication systems, revolve around the problems of reverberation and multipath transmission and high attenuation at high acoustic frequencies. An extensive bibliography on the subject has been published by the author [10.1]. A subset of that bibliography, dealing with selected specific underwater communication systems is presented here [10.2–10.13]. However, the reader is referred to the original source for more information on specific communication systems, and papers on general aspects of channel modelling and more detailed mathematical treatments than can be handled in a text of this nature.


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