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In November 1935 Yeats published A Full Moon in March and with it an earlier version, The King of the Great Clock Tower, “Parnell’s Funeral”, “Supernatural Songs” and the “Prayer” — a scarcely necessary, one would think — that he might be saved “From all that makes a wise old man That can be praised of all”. The next his friends heard of him was that he was off for a winter in Majorca with Shri Purohit Swami, a serious and respectable companion, for a rest-cure and collaboration in a translation of the Upanishads. His mind was full of Asia, where Hegel says every civilisation begins, no matter what its geographical origin, and it was in vain that F. R. Higgins pointed out to him merits in the Church of Ireland. One could (said Higgins) be a devout communicant in the Church of Ireland and accept all the councils before the Great Schism that separated Western from Eastern Christianity in the ninth century, and for that reason in course of time the Church of Ireland would feel itself more in sympathy with pre-Patrician Ireland than could the Roman Catholic Church. But Yeats said that for the moment he associated early Christian Ireland (there were missionaries in Ireland before St. Patrick) with India.


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