Landschaften der Bundesrepublik

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The variety of landscapes in the two German states is astonishing: from the beaches of the Baltic coast to the peaks of the Alps, and from the Rheinland to the Harz mountains and, further east, the lakes of Mecklenburg and the valley of the Elbe near Dresden. German poets and writers of all periods have written about their attachment to their own Heimat. The great cities are equally varied, whether Köln, München, Hamburg and Frankfurt in the west, or Leipzig and Dresden in the east. No selection of passages in a book of this kind can do justice to this variety, but it may be possible to surprise the reader with two little known landscapes, one in the far north flatland of the Bundesrepublik, not far from Theodor Storm’s home town of Husum, and the Danish frontier; the other amongst the volcanic peaks of the Hegauland, close to Lake Constance and the Swiss border, and lying between the upper reaches of Rhine and Danube.


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