Heavy Duty Denim: ‘Quality Never Dates’

  • Dirk Scheuring
Part of the Youth Questions book series (YQ)


They presented ‘The Thing’ at the press conference of the Cologne Inter-Jeans Fair. I was not prepared for it at all, although afterwards it became clear to me that I could have worked it out. Had not the secretary of the Work, Sport and Leisure Clothing Trade Association already predicted, in München-Gladbach, a ‘trend to classic blue denim’ and talked about a ‘blue miracle’? Had not the Jeans Wear Fashion Circle threatened new developments like the austere and rustic ‘New Frontier Romantic’, or the carefree urban ‘Paris in the Forties’ look, or even a monstrosity called ‘Hippy Corsair’? Had it not been made clear right from the start that the hard-wearing blue fabric — ‘Indigo — eternally young and attractive’ — would be unleashed on the youthful and would-be youthful jeans-buyers of the following year ‘in many varieties’?


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