Categories of Death

  • Lindsay Prior


During the early morning of 23 January R.M. was asleep in bed when two gunmen burst into his house and murdered him. On the night of 18 November R.K. shot himself in the head, having previously told his wife that he could not ‘face up to his responsibilities’. On the evening of 14 December A.G. (a schizophrenic) poured petrol over himself and ignited it. He died in hospital the following day. And on the afternoon of 13 October an apparently fit and healthy 21-year-old male collapsed and died suddenly whilst playing football in the street.1 The anatomical cause of death was never determined. Were these natural or unnatural deaths? And how is it possible to distinguish the one kind from the other? Indeed, is it necessary so to do?


Infant Death Human Agency Public Discourse Constitutive Rule Good Death 
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