The Gift and the Craft

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In a 1981 interview with John Haffenden, Heaney remarked ‘It’s possible to exacerbate … I believe that what poetry does to me is comforting … I think that art does appease, assuage.’1 In Field Work the poet, newly ‘landed in the hedge-school of Glanmore’, renews his commitment ‘to raise/A voice caught back off slug-horn and slow chanter/ That might continue, hold, dispel, appease’. ‘The Harvest Bow’, one of the best poems in this volume, ends by quoting Coventry Patmore, ‘The end of art is peace.’ Heaney expresses a view of poetry as secret and natural even though it must operate in a world that is public and brutal. He has found himself caught in the sectarian crossfire with fellow Catholics pressing him to write political verse and liberal critics congratulating him on not taking sides.


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