Since its publication in 1904, The Golden Bowl has been a focal point around which much of the literary criticism of the James revival has swirled. The novel is often cited by the Jamesians as the apotheosis of the art of the Master; Leon Edel calls it, simply, “the richest of all [James’s] creations,” the “summit” of “his career as a novelist.” The anti-Jamesians have fastened onto it as an example of what is most spectacularly repugnant to them in James’s work. James himself, who once referred to The Ambassadors as the “best, all round” of his novels, told his agent and his publisher as he was finishing The Golden Bowl that he was “producing the best book I have ever done.” The novel, he wrote to Scribner’s, was “the most composed and constructed and completed” of his “productions” — “the solidest, as yet, of all my fictions.”


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