Radical Feminism and Theatre

  • Sue-Ellen Case
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The previous chapters have utilised feminist theory and methodology to discover and describe the relationship between women and the history of the theatrical enterprise. The aim has been to illustrate the way feminist principles may be used to analyse historical figures. As we have seen, some of the women active before the feminist movement showed a concern for women’s oppression and rights and helped pave the way for the exploration of women’s issues in performance This chapter and the two following will outline the direct influence of certain key feminist positions on the growth and development of theatre practice. Though the scope of this book allows for only a brief description of the different feminisms, readers who are interested in pursuing further research in this area may refer to Allison Jaggar’s Feminist Politics and Human Nature for a full treatment of these ideas. Here the aim is to identify certain relationships between feminist political positions and actual plays and practices of the contemporary theatre, so as to enable readers to extend this sample method into their own research.


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