Look! We Have Come Through!

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The poems in Look! We Have Come Through! were written overall between the end of 1911 and 1917, though when Lawrence first decided to organize them into a sequence is not clear. Perhaps it was not until the beginning of 1917, when ‘Poems of a Married Man’ is first mentioned, and Lawrence comments, ‘I have gathered and shaped my last poems into a book’ (my emphasis).1 In order of writing the poems follow on immediately from the verse of the Eastwood and Croydon years. This is rather obscured by the fact that Lawrence published two collections of his early verse, Love Poems and Amoves, during the years covered by this long sequence, and a further two books of mostly early poems, somewhat reworked, after Look! had appeared in December 1917 — New Poems, and the small volume Bay (1919).


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