Kidnap and Extortion Around the World

  • Richard Clutterbuck


The patterns of criminal and political kidnap and extortion vary greatly from country to country and from year to year, though trends can be discerned and analysed. Of the three centres of greatest political turmoil in the world — Latin America, southern Africa and the Middle East — only in one (Latin America) has kidnap and extortion been a major ingredient of this turmoil. Colombia has, for several years, had the highest kidnap rate in the world, followed (a long way behind) by Guatemala and Italy, but in 1985–86 it looked as if Peru might overtake all of them. In Latin America a high proportion of kidnaps have in the past been politically motivated, though the trend is now towards more of a criminal motivation. In Italy the great majority of kidnaps have always been by criminal gangs and of Italians rather than expatriate businessmen. Other forms of extortion, notably product extortion, have occurred predominantly in the industrial countries of Western Europe, and in the USA, Australia and Japan.


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