Family Allowance

  • Clare Ungerson
Part of the Women in Society book series (WOSO)


Family Allowance as it stands at present is for many women the only money we have which belongs to us by right. The importance of this cannot and must not be underestimated. Family Allowance is universal, there are no special qualifying conditions, it is paid to every mother with two or more children. It is not means-tested and is paid to women in all circumstances. As soon as a child is born entitlement begins and is never questioned until the child itself attains economic independence. There is little need for contact with the Department of Health and Social Security because payment is made through the Post Office; there is therefore no requirement to beg or argue one’s case. We don’t have to ask our husbands for the money, we know it is paid to us because we have the day-to-day responsibility for our children. We receive Family Allowance merely because we have children.


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